The Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) Program is an NIH-funded REU intended for highly motivated undergraduates interested in a research career in the pharmaceutical and environmental sciences. Students are provided with an opportunity to conduct full-time research in areas related to Pharmacology and Toxicology, Environmental Health Sciences, Pharmaceutics, Medicinal Chemistry, Chemical Biology, and Clinical Pharmacy. The SURF program is open to undergraduate students currently enrolled at a university in the United States. [more…]


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I enjoyed the diversity of the presenters: public health, clinicians, online media influences, pharmacy, industry, etc. I was able to learn more about the fields and their importance so I feel like I have a better idea of the possible fields I could go into and I have a better feel for the range of my interests.

This program really helped me realize that I wanted to pursue a PhD in toxicology. For anyone on the fence about which field of research they should pursue, apply to the SURF program. This was the best way I could have spent my summer.

It was a very fulfilling experience, especially the friendships I made!

Everyone at the lab was very welcoming and patient. They take the time to explain the concepts and procedures and make sure you understand them. SURF was an engaging and educational experience in addition to being a great introduction to research.

If you are considering going to graduate school or pursuing a career in research, this program will give you a very informative and realistic look into daily activities and career prospects.

The SURF program provided me with valuable opportunities to work in lab as a full-time member. It allowed me to work on an individual project, which was rewarding and fruitful.

Get ready to read about research papers!

SURF has been one of the best experiences in my student and academic life. Different research options, methodologies learnt, working in the lab/fields every day for 10 weeks enriched!

The faculty & grad students that I worked with were really awesome and that’s hard to find at other schools/internships.

I was never the biggest fan of research. I never truly understood its immediate relevance for my life or future career. SURF drastically changed my perspective on clinical and laboratory research and how they permeate every aspect of not only my future career as a pharmacist, but society as a whole! I had an amazing, fun time bonding with my co-researchers and learning from my mentors. I would recommend SURF to anyone even remotely interested in science or healthcare! It is full of enjoyable, once-in-a-lifetime opportunities – you can’t go wrong!

SURF is great to learn about what everyday life of a researcher is like.

This program provided a phenomenal experience for me to investigate research at the graduate level that has prepared me so well for graduate school and confirmed my desire to pursue a research career. I was able to perform research with facilities and methods that are not available at my own institution.

It’s been a great experience to not only expand my research skills, but foster my overall knowledge about the environment around me. I gained a lot of experience in my networking skills.

I really enjoyed the entire program. It helped me clarify that I want to attend a toxicology graduate program.

SURF gave me excellent exposure to the field of research through hands-on experiences in a laboratory setting as well as presentations from professionals with various backgrounds and other professional development activities. Although I started out conducting basic science research through SURF, I realized that my passion lies in conducting clinical research and applying those findings at a patient’s bedside. I am grateful for the experiences I gained through SURF for they helped me discover and understand my research interests.

Being put in a research environment learning something completely new, reinforced my critical thinking skills

Great, immersive experience in day to day life in a lab doing research helped to open a lot of doors to things to possibly do in the future and connected back to material from university.

I had a really good time meeting other students interested in research and this program gave me the opportunity to gain confidence in the lab.

A full-time research experience is essential to get a real understanding of the everyday lives of researchers. SURF has provided that experience for me.

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