Over the years, the Rutgers Joint Graduate Program in Toxicology (JGPT) has welcomed an increasing number of former SURF participants into its graduate degree program.

Photo of Maxine Abustan
Maxine Abustan SURF 2016
Photo of Samantha Adams
Samantha Adams SURF 2018
Photo of Brianna Ames
Brianna Ames SURF 2020
Photo of Shabree Anthony
Shabree Anthony SURF/RISE/MARC 2019
Photo of Alyssa Bellomo
Alyssa Bellomo SURF 2017
Photo of Daniela Bermeo Grajales
Daniela Bermeo Grajales SURF 2022
Photo of Caylee Brown
Caylee Brown SURF 2023
Photo of Michael Campbell
Michael Campbell SURF 2019
Photo of Gina Capece
Gina Capece SURF/RISE 2020
Photo of Zakiyah Henry
Zakiyah Henry SURF/RISE 2018
Photo of Chenghui Jiang PharmD
Chenghui Jiang, PharmD SURF 2020
Photo of Melissa Kudlak
Melissa Kudlak SURF 2022
Photo of Jordan Lee
Jordan Lee SURF 2018
Photo of Ziping Liu PharmD
Ziping Liu, PharmD SURF 2016
Photo of Taina Moore
Taina Moore SURF/RISE 2021
Photo of Kevin Ozkuyumcu PharmD
Kevin Ozkuyumcu, PharmD SURF 2020
Photo of Talia Planas Fontanez
Talia Planas Fontanez RISE 2014
Photo of Catherine Rojas
Catherine Rojas SURF/RISE 2019
Photo of Perel Rose
Perel Rose SURF 2022
Photo of Talia Seymore
Talia Seymore SURF/RISE 2019
Photo of Mary Stofan MS
Mary Stofan, MS SURF/RISE 2016
Photo of Rachel Sun
Rachel Sun SURF 2022
Photo of Tingying Xie
Tingying Xie SURF 2021
Photo of Dahea Diana You PharmD, PhD, DABT
Dahea Diana You, PharmD, PhD, DABT SURF 2011