Photo of Erica Acox
Erica Acox Major: Biological Sciences Grad Year: 2024Delaware State University
Research Project: Efflux Transporter Genetics and Heavy Metal Toxicity in Mice
Photo of Astha Adroja
Astha Adroja Major: Pharmacy Grad Year: 2026Rutgers University
Research Project: Investigating the Ovary Specificity of Proprotein Convertases to Evaluate for their Non-hormonal Contraceptive Candidacy
Photo of Angel Beebe
Angel Beebe Major: Chemistry Grad Year: 2025
Research Project: Tracking Environmental Toxins from the 2023 Canadian WildFire with Silicone Wristbands
Photo of Caylee Brown
Caylee Brown Major: Chemical Engineering Grad Year: 2025University of Maryland – Baltimore
Research Project: Exploring the Role of Microglia Cells in Dysregulated Orexin System Function in Rats Exposed to Bisphenol-A During the Peripubertal Period
Photo of Tom Cai
Tom Cai Major: Pharmacy Grad Year: 2026Rutgers University
Research Project: Testing AAV Vector Based Gene Therapy for Fragile X Syndrome In Vitro
Photo of Brian Chan
Brian Chan Major: Pharmacy Grad Year: 2026Rutgers University
Research Project: Inhibition of Volume-Regulated Anion Channel Suppresses Migration of Colorectal Cancer Cells
Photo of Brendan Connor
Brendan Connor Major: Biomedical Engineering Grad Year: 2024Rowan University
Research Project: Inhibition of Programmed Death Ligand 1 (PD-L1) in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Cells by Liposomal Hesperidin
Photo of Adrita Dasgupta
Adrita Dasgupta Major: Pharmacy Grad Year: 2027Rutgers University
Research Project: Identification of Compounds that Inhibit the Binding of the FtsZ-Targeting Antibacterial Agent TXA6101 to Serum Albumin
Photo of Nacala Gadsden
Nacala Gadsden Major: Chemistry Grad Year: 2024Lehman College
Research Project: Impairment of Placental Efficiency in Rats Exposed to Micro- and Nanoplastics Throughout Pregnancy
Photo of Sadaf Gharibi
Sadaf Gharibi Major: Pharmacy Grad Year: 2025Rutgers University
Research Project: Development and Characterization of Caffeine Loaded Nanoparticles in Treatment of Gynoid Lipodystrophy
Photo of Nhan Huynh
Nhan Huynh Major: Biochemistry Grad Year: 2024Wabash College
Research Project: Involvement of DNA Damage and Oxidative Stress in Differential Sensitivities to Glutamatergic Signaling Inhibitor
Photo of Andrew Jelinsky
Andrew Jelinsky Major: Biological Sciences/Spanish Grad Year: 2025Virginia Tech
Research Project: Synergistic Effects of World Trade Center Dust and Chronic Intermittent Hypoxia on Pulmonary Surfactant
Photo of Kelly Nugent
Kelly Nugent Major: Pharmaceutical Sciences Grad Year: 2024University of Michigan
Research Project: Mechanism-Based Irreversible Pharmacodynamic Models
Photo of Mokshitkumar Patel
Mokshitkumar Patel Major: Undeclared Grad Year: 2025Rutgers University
Research Project: Concentration-Dependent Uptake of the Microcystin-RR Toxin in Human Placental Cell Lines 
Photo of Armando Rios
Armando Rios Major: Chemistry Grad Year: 2024University of Puerto Rico – Rio Pedras
Research Project: Impacts of Cadmium on Placental BH4 Cofactors