Incoming SURF participants must fill out and submit the forms linked below. Please upload your completed forms here.

  • FERPA Form
    This is pre-filled. Just sign and date it and include your student ID number if you are a Rutgers student. No need to have it notarized.
  • Media Consent Form
    Add your full name, sign it and date it.
  • W-9 Form
    To get you into the Rutgers pay system, it is essential that you fill out the attached W-9 form. Fill in sections 1, 5, and 6, plus your cell phone number and email address (all fillable fields), then sign and date the bottom. MAKE SURE TO USE THE ADDRESS WHERE YOU WANT TO RECEIVE YOUR STIPEND CHECKS. For security reasons, DO NOT include your social security number. We will call you to obtain it over the phone.
  • Guest ID Card Form
    To get a Guest ID card go to and follow the instructions to submit an appropriate photo. Your Net ID & password must be activated for this to be completed. We will return the signed form to you and you will need to bring it to the ID card office when you pick up your card.
  • EOHSI-Building-Access-Form
    If you are a Rutgers student and do not have access to EOHSI building or if you are not a Rutgers student, you will need to fill, sign and upload this form.
Lab Safety Training

Instructions on how to access lab safety refresher training.

Guest NetID

If you are NOT a Rutgers student, you will need to obtain a guest NetID. This is a very simple process and you need to do it as soon as possible. Please follow the steps outlined below:

  • Go to
  • Type in all required personal information: (Be sure everything is typed in accurately)
  • It will require your social security number, even though that field is not marked as required.  If you elect not to submit it then it will create a pseudo number and this will require at least 2-3 more extra steps later and should be avoided.

I am your sponsor, and this is the required information you should type in for me:

  • Campus: RBHS
  • Do you know your sponsor’s email: yes
  • Sponsor’s email address:

The next fields should auto-fill, but if not:

  • Sponsor’s first name: Linda
  • Sponsor’s last name: Everett
  • Department: Pharm-Pharmacology&Toxicology — [RBHS]
  • Start date: [use current date]
  • End date: [use default end date]

In the notes section state the following:  Need access for Scarlet Mail, RU Wireless and Canvas.

I will then get an email that you have supplied the proper information and that it requires my approval.  Once I approve, you will receive an email from our Rutgers Information Technology Department and they will provide you with your Net ID information.  For example, if your name is John Smith, it may look like:  JS1234. As soon as you get your Rutgers Net ID, please:

  • Activate it and create your own password.
  • Send an email to indicating your new Net ID.  (Again, example “JS1234”)

You must remember your Net ID and your password while you are working here.

Guest ID Card

In order to get a Rutgers ID card go to and follow the instructions to submit an appropriate photo. Your Net ID & password must be activated for this to be completed.

Access to the Gym

Werblin Gym membership (Busch Campus) is available for non-Rutgers SURF students. If you are a Rutgers student, you already have gym access. Non-Rutgers students can purchase summer gym membership for $26/month. Purchase details are as follows (once you have your guest NetID set up):

  • Log into our Recreation online portalusing the NetID credentials
  • Select Memberships
  • Select RU Student membership
  • Select the timeframe you would like (one month, four months, etc)
  • Check out/pay online

Your RUID card will then swipe into the rec center.