Date Time Room Activities
23-May 11AM-4PM C Orientation and Tie Dye Lab Coats
26-May 12-2 PM C LinkedIn and Social Media Professional Engagement
2-Jun 12-2 PM AB Translational Research: Bridging Science from the Bench to the Bedside



12-2 PM



Research Talks: Dr. John McGann (Rutgers) “The Changing Olfactory System in Health and Disease: Learning, Vaping, and (Sort of) Rehabilitation” and Dr. Emily Barrett (Rutgers) “Environmental Epidemiology: Prenatal Exposures and Child Health”
16-Jun 12-2 PM C Research Blitz: Science from Trainees
23-Jun 12-2 PM C Science Communication: Distilling Your Message
28-Jun 4-6:30 PM C Careers, Networking, and Painting: Meet Alumni and Trainees for a Fun Dinner
30-Jun 12-2 PM C Disseminating Science Through Effective Written and Graphical Abstracts
7-Jul 12-2 PM AB Mr. Paul Levesque (Bristol-Myers Squibb) Discovery Toxicology: Innovative Testing Models



12-2 PM



Developing Therapeutics to Counteract Chemical Weapon Toxicities – Drs. Joshua Gray (US Coast Guard) and Dr. Debra Laskin (Rutgers) & Group Photo
21-Jul 12-2 PM AB What Did We Learn from Environmental Field Sampling? Dr. Cathleen Doherty (Rutgers) & Abstract Check In
22-Jul N/A Abstracts Due
26-Jul N/A Presentations Due (on Template)
28-Jul 10AM-2PM AB Research Symposium